SYLANCE (a horror film) coming to theaters and tv soon in early 2013 -

New demo reels 1 and 2 min. may be accessed on my demo reel page. PEACE.
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Lots of cool projects in the works that I can't speak about.  One of these precious days it will happen - GODS will.   PEACE.



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Working on a new project

Working on a new feature film project with my friend RON BATH.  We are doing VERY WELL with it at this time.  More details to come as it unwravels.   SECRET - hahaha.


WOW. What a hard life this man went through.  A hard, cold and some excitement in the film CAPOTE.  As I perform as TRUMAN - I keep in mind his family, partner and friends.  Fantastic but dark film.  I will be performing as TRUMAN at the Fort Worth Opera Sept. 20th for a private company party.  I truly feel for this man and his tough life.  GOD BLESS YOU TRUMAN. 


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Check out breaking news for some more info.  PEACE.

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comment posted by Sarah Williams - KD Student on 08-31-2012
Mark! Thank you for taking your time to come share your experiences with our camera class on 8/30/12. It was definitely encouraging to see someone successful come from where I am now. Don't be a stranger! Thanks again!
Sarah Williams
comment posted by grant james on 10-06-2011
Mark, I hope we work together again soon, too. You are not only a terrific actor, but a treat to be around. I smile every time you come to mind. God bless you, friend!
comment posted by Lionel La Vergne on 04-19-2009
Nice site, much cleaner and easier to navigate than my mess. I am thinking about what we talked about, comedy routine. I think the spoof of valley girls and others lacking basic human intelligence would work, See you next time I'm in town.
comment posted by Joe Rodriguez on 03-13-2009
I look forward to working with you again Mark. You're always a blast.
comment posted by Bob Fanucchi on 02-22-2009
Mark you're in deed a professional actor through and through. I enjoyed being a part of The Killers' Reprieve too. I hope to work with you again.
Many Blessings Friend
comment posted by Kimberly Campbell on 11-23-2008
Hey SUPER STAR!!! Thanks for all the wonderful wisdom and advice..........You are such a handsome and beautiful person........You will definitely make it....Please remember us little ones!!! LOL!!! LUV YA MUCH!!!!
comment posted by Karen C, makeup on 08-31-2008
Great inspiration, role model, and creativity at it's best. T&W, wraps, events I am blessed to have you in my life. Love you
comment posted by Paul T. Taylor on 07-27-2008
Mark- Thank you for sharing some of your stories with me at the "Paradise" party (outside, right before leaving). I aspire to be working as much as you are. It's just more proof that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.
comment posted by Sam Bass,writer/producer on 07-24-2008
Thought I'd congratulate you on your successes. I look forward to working with you on our future projects. The family and Jeff say hello.
comment posted by Otis Harris jr. ( k. d. actor student ) on 05-13-2008
I just wanted to thank you personally for coming to our school on may 12, to talk with us about your business/ career. Come back any time. Much love to you